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CCNA Training in Delhi By Industry Expert

ccna training in delhi ncr

CCNA certification course is a must criterion to become network Engineer and network Administrator for Technical positions in a reputed MNC.

Sid is working in a reputed company where he is working as a network engineer getting very good salary package. He has done CCNA training course in Delhi in 2015. There the CCNA training was provided in a very comprehensive way on a simulator and with a live project. Training covered all aspects of CCNA certification requirements. Trainer himself was Cisco certified and given all the basics and detailed analysis of networking fundamentals.

Network Engineer is required by Companies like, HCL, WIPRO, LNT etc to install network infrastructure in domestic as well as international projects. It covers setting the routers, installing switches configuring ip addresses of devices etc. There is a complete design of local area, wide area and metropolitan area network. Network infrastructure is a backbone of internet and its dependent technologies in today’s era. Here we have the opportunity to become a network engineer by doing CCNA training in Delhi. We are being involved in giving theoretical and practical preparation for doing CCNA certification program.  We will help you to understand all the aspects of local area, wide area and metropolitan area networks. One of the major challenge is to create subnetworks within a given network. The allotted public ip addresses are very limited so we have to do subnetting to create the subnetworks. We provide CCNA network training in Delhi in such a way that it helps the students to create a group of subnetworks in a given network. We take the help of network simulators to create the real world situations. Actual router configuration training is also provided in the package. If you are a student searching for CCNA training in Delhi or CCNA certification in Delhi, you can contact or write us to start the theoretical and practical aspects of same. We will help you in all relevant details.

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